Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Kids Are Making Me Fat

All the parenting magazines say it: Do not finish your kids' meals or you will get fat. Yeah, easier said than done. It seems like it never fails around here - if I think my kids are going to be picky so I don't make them much, they invariably gulp it all down and then eat half of my food too. Then I'm still hungry and graze all afternoon. If I make plenty of food for them, they don't want it and leave it on their plates. Since it doesn't seem worth reheating such a little bit (no microwave here), I end up finishing their meals too and then I'm stuffed. Ugh.

New plan: I'll make enough food for myself to have one small portion and the kids to have a reasonable amount. If any of us is still hungry when it's gone, I'll get us some fruit or cheese or another healthy snack. If any food is left over, I will put it away and give myself the culinary challenge of using it up somewhere before the week is over (there's nothing wrong with a few leftover peas in the chili...). Now if Daddy is home and he wants to finish off their dinners, so be it - he's a twig! But as for me, no more spare tires because "it's just a few more bites."

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