Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You've Got The Beat

I'd forgotten what an amazing motivator music can be. This afternoon I was literally falling asleep on my feet. Baby hasn't been sleeping well at all at night and I'm completely exhausted. Which means the last thing I want to do is move my big tush and get some exercize. Even though that's the one thing (other than sleep) that will probably help my exhaustion. I tried everything - chocolate, a 5 minute nap, calling anyone and everyone in my phone - and nothing was keeping me awake. My oldest kept poking me saying "Mommy awake!" I felt awful. Finally I decided to turn on some music. And within minutes I was not only awake but dancing all over the living room like a crazywoman. It was fantastic. I still feel pretty good several hours later even though the music has been off for a while. My kids were thrilled that Mommy was playing with them and I was thrilled that I was working up a sweat.

My favorite music to dance to lately is my own custom radio station at I loooove this site and it's special features. You type in the name of a song or artist that you love and it gives you a list of nearly 50 similar artists that you can pick and choose from. And if you don't like a song that it plays, you can ban it from your list. Which means that I'm spending more time dancing and less time skipping songs. My current station is based on The Cure - good tunes, good beat, good times. Check it out!

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