Friday, July 4, 2014

I like big butts and I cannot lie

My squats are starting to pay off.  No longer am I a skinny miss.  I've got quads and I'm beginning to learn the joys (and pains) of joining the ranks of big booty.  And I'll be honest - it's really hard!  I've been looking at pics of myself from college and, frankly, I miss being skinny.  I looked good when I was slender.  And sure, strong legs look great in compression capris - but my recent trip to the mall attests that's about ALL they look good in.  Every single thing I tried on would have looked great - if it weren't for my giant behind.  I'm sure it's just a case of building muscle without also shedding the fat - and some day maybe I'll get the body I really want.  But in the meantime, the scale is going up, my pants are getting tight in the legs and rear, and I'm having a very hard time dealing with it.  I know that building muscle is a healthy thing, and I'm continuing to PR at the gym which is fantastic!  I'm meeting a lot of my goals strengthwise.  But the little demons in my head that think skinny is best keep nagging at me.  My brain is engrained with the ideal of being the waiflike girl in the skinny jeans engulfed by giant sweaters and boots. 

But, I've joined a group training program where I have specific workouts and precise macros (with more carbs than I've allowed myself - soooo exciting and delicious) and I'm determined to follow it at least until I know whether it'll actually give me results.  It's good to have a prescribed program that I "can't" change at the whim of my admittedly warped subconscious.  Wish me luck - we'll see how it goes!  

In the meantime, here are current stats:

Weight: 108
Hips: 35
Waist: 27.5 
Bust: 32.5 
Arms: 11 
Legs: 18