Wednesday, January 19, 2011

11 Week Challenge And Giveaway

All good things are worth the wait. Even weight loss. And to keep my weight loss goals reasonable, I'll be following All You magazine's 11 Week Reality Checked Diet. Each week has a very sensible, very do-able goal to get healthy and get in shape - and lose weight slowly (the right way). So, I'm inviting you all to join the challenge with me - even if you aren't trying to lose weight, these are great goals for a healthier life. Anyone who completes the entire 11 weeks (and leaves me a comment on the final week's post) will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card to use on whatever you like (a new workout dvd, some healthy snack, some new jeans because you lost some weight...). Slipping up is ok, but you need to honestly attempt each goal. And yes, I know, 11 weeks is a long time to wait on a giveaway - but as I said, good things are worth it :D So, here we go!

Week 1*: Pick the Right Foods to Slim Down

This week's challenge is all about forgoing the junk in favor of 'real' whole foods. So we're giving up the candy and cheese puffs and nitrate-full lunch-meats and chowing down on fruit and cheese and whole grain bread instead. It also includes choosing healthier versions of natural foods - i.e. brown rice vs. white. And watch your beverages! This week is a tough one for me since, as I've previously confessed, I'm crazy for pasta lately. I've planned lots of rice-heavy dinners so I don't go totally carb mad - wish me luck!

*I'll be starting most weeks on a Monday, so this will be a short one


  1. p.s. there might be a few other mini-giveaways along the way, so keep an eye out :)

  2. Ooh! I will play! But no need to enter to win -- this just sounds like something better to do with people. Do you want meal plans or links to eating logs?

  3. I'll play too - I bet I can take Mary Peterson DOWN! I don't think I'd shared yet that I've been doing weight watchers with my mom for three months and am down 15 pounds so far. It's been a long, conscious effort, but it hasn't been awful. Fruit has made all the difference. Good Fruit - it has to be good or I won't eat it. But, for example, I was able to be happy with grapes for dessert last night instead of COOKIES. There's my good swap.

  4. My secret weapon is sweet potatoes. I could eat them constantly and be very happy. That and whole wheat everything.

    I did Weight Watchers growing up a ton. I think I have done every single diet in the world. So far? None have ever work. I just try to eat "whole" "happy" foods. It is tough when cookies are so delicious.

    Take that Sarah! ;)

  5. I did old weight watchers and it didn't work as well as new weight watchers does - for me. You have to be type A enough to be willing to write down everything you eat (I am), have some specific motivation (my mom's on it too and I want her to succeed), and have access to e-tools (omg how did I ever try to do this without a smart phone). My two cents. :)