Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Shop Hungry

This one is pretty basic. Always take a list to the store, and never shop hungry. Today it didn't even occur to me that I was taking the kids to Walmart at what is normally snack time. I never used to snack, but I've come to realise that I'm a much more stable person if I eat something between lunch and dinner. 6 hours is a long time to try to run on one meal. I stuck to my list strictly - until I hit the checkout. Then, of course, hunger kicked in and I bought myself a Caramelo bar. And ate the whole thing while I peeled potatoes for dinner. I was handing the kids healthy snacks while I stuffed myself with sugar. Ugh. If I hadn't bought that candy bar, I would have joined them in their snack of cheese and fruit. But I got to the register with a growling belly and caved. So next time I need to shop I should have some grapes or a handful of nuts - anything to keep me from getting sidetracked by a sugar low. And stick to my list.

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