Saturday, January 29, 2011

MIrror Mirror On The Wall

I decided this morning that I need to take a break from the mirror. Check to make sure I don't have lunch in my teeth and that my hair is brushed and then walk away. And for heaven's sake don't look in the full length. Because for the most part, I feel pretty good about myself. I've actually found some clothes that fit, I've got enough energy to get by, and I almost feel like 'myself' again. Some days I even feel almost pretty. Until I look in the mirror. And then I'm pretty horrified at the old and fat image I see staring out at me. Granted I rarely take the time to put on makeup and I just chopped off all my hair and I'm obliged to wear glasses all the time - so I'm bound to feel a little 'off' - but I really do feel pretty dismal about my appearance. Of course, I need to keep in mind that I'm thinking with the same brain that used to see all my ribs in the mirror and still think I could drop a few pounds. And if I ask around most people seem to think I've already lost most of the baby weight and look pretty decent. But what I see makes me want to run right out and put a lock on the fridge. Really, it should just motivate me to run. I need to remember that I'm not 22 anymore. I need to remember that vanity is pointless and frankly it doesn't matter what I look like as long as I'm healthy. I need to remember that my family loves me not matter what. I need to spend more time worrying about being patient and gentle and less time worrying about my hips. Easier said than done. But a good step in the right direction is staying as far away from that mirror as I can. When I don't look, I feel good about myself. And when I feel good about myself, I'm a nicer person. And nice is WAY more attractive than grumpy, no matter what package it comes in :)

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