Monday, January 24, 2011

11 Week Challenge: Week 2

Week 2: Detox Your Pantry

So how did you do with week 1? Last week we were making healthier choices about the foods we ate - swapping in whole foods for processed foods. This week, we're going to make those choices easier by giving our pantries a makeover! This week's challenge is to sort through our cupboards, pulling out the processed "junk" and replacing it with healthier whole-food options. So, out go the greasy potato chips and in goes air-popped popcorn. Out go the Lucky Charms and in goes the oatmeal. Or in my case, out go the cookies and in go the apples. As I said in a previous post - if you don't have it, you can't eat it!

My confession from last week: I did great while at home. Filled up on fruits and veggies and grains. Unfortunately we ate out (restaurants and relatives' homes) three days in a row and I didn't always make the healthiest choices. Night #1 I did manage to chose lentil soup over creamy chicken chipotle - but that was pretty much my only success. I followed that night up with a night of enchiladas and frozen yogurt and then had seconds on tortilla soup (filled with cheese and chips and sour cream) and nachos (more cheese and chips) at Grandma's the next day. So I'm starting out the week feeling pretty bogged down. But it's a new week and a clean slate and I'm starting off with a banana and tea and have tofu and brown rice on the menu for tonight - so here we go!

And feel free to discuss - what kinds of foods are getting the boot from your kitchen this week? What healthier things are you looking forward to adding in?

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  1. I think last week I did okay on whole foods instead of processed. I continued to eat a lot more fruit than I used to, but I still haven't gotten gutsy enough to try to ditch artificial sweeteners. I don't feel like I can fight that fight at this point in my weight loss journey.
    I've been really careful about the pantry for a few weeks now. It made shopping on Sunday really frustrating; I got to go to Trader Joe's - such a treat - but I didn't want to get a bunch of the stuff I usually do because it was higher in calories/etc. than I was willing to get. Good news is that I can't even really remember now what I was mad about not getting. At all. Weird.
    I'm also trying to focus on getting moving more this week - it's our weight watchers focus - so I actually got my EA Active "game" for the wii back out and did a workout with it for the first time since last January. Going to try to make that more of a priority.
    Thinking of you lots -