Monday, January 17, 2011

I Can Talk the Talk

but can I walk the walk? This weekend I've done plenty of backsliding. All those great goals and epiphanies I had - yeah, out the window. It's just so easy to fall back into old, comfortable habits. Some of the things that have gone wrong:

1) Sweets. We made cookies on Sunday. I ate 7. So much for portion control.
2) Laziness. Instead of going outside with the rest of the family while they had a good romp on the farm, I sat on my rear and watched 3 hours of tv. Relaxing, yes. Good for me, no.
3) Media. Tabloid magazines, Bowflex commercials, movie previews. I had plenty of exposure to glammed up gorgeous people - which of course gets the mind rolling down the "I can never be that skinny and pretty I should never eat again" path. Not a good path to wander down. If anything my mentality should have been "gee, that working out is effective, let's hit the gym" - but like I said, old habits die hard.
4) Cravings. For several days now I have been absolutely craving a HUGE plate of amazing fetucini alfredo. Like creamy, buttery Red Lobster alfredo. Fortunately, I can't have it (the closest I can get is some Newman's Own sauce on gf noodles), but not satisfying that craving means that no matter what I eat, I feel deprived. So instead of enjoying the healthy and delicious foods I'm eating, I've been grazing my way through the house trying to find something to quell the craving.

But, it's a new week which means a clean slate for me. Heading to the Y tonight for some yoga to ease back into the working out. Put together a few outfits that make me feel thin and glam (even with 20 lbs to go). Got out my small plates and bowls to eat off of. And just maybe I'll indulge in a tiny portion of alfredo just to get past the craving - then I can really enjoy all the yummy, healthy dinners I've planned for the week. Wish me luck!


  1. I posted on my blog today a couple of books that I was going to recommend to you... I think you would like them and find them very interesting. Especially what the Beat Sugar Addiction Now book has to say about cravings. I'm currently trying to stay away from sweets/wheat/dairy myself for a little while, and it is BRU-TAL. I like your attitude of not completely giving up when you have a misstep, and I think that attitude is absolutely what is going to keep you moving in the right direction!

  2. I need to check that out! I'm trying to decrease (though not give up entirely) my dairy intake - especially cheese. I probably consume half my calories in cheese. My goal is to go more raw/vegan but I'm still working on finding recipes. And yes, sugar is my downfall most days - though I'm learning to make frozen fruit sorbet for dessert instead of a giant pie. Mmmm.

  3. I'm a glutton for sugar too, but to go without cookies or some kind of goody in our house would be impossible! Any suggestions? When we do make cookies, I've learned to just allow myself two and let the hubby and kids eat the rest, but it does take all my will power.

    I've also heard that sugar cravings are because of a lack of fruit in the diet. I don't know if its true, but worth a shot :)

  4. One thing I try to do sometimes is make a whole batch of cookie dough, roll into balls (or slice, etc), then bake only a couple and freeze the rest. Then when I get a craving I just pop a couple of cookie balls on a tray in the toaster oven and have instant portion control :)

    Another trick is keeping dark chocolate in the house. I'm a chocoholic but I find that sometimes a couple of chocolate chips or one Dove chocolate square is enough to quell my craving without sugar overload. And some people say dark chocolate is good for you :)

    We also have a juicer and love to put the blank in it and run frozen mixed fruit through it - it comes out the other end as a sweet, fruity sorbet with no added sugar (you can do the same with frozen bananas to make 'icecream') - a fun way to have dessert without the sweets :)