Monday, January 31, 2011

11 Week Challenge: Week 3

How did you do with last week's challenge to detox the pantry? I got the cookies and chips out of mine and filled it with whole grain cereal (I'm talkin' puffed rice) and carrots and snap peas (ok, those went in the fridge). I'm working on overhauling my snacking to make it healthier so I've added lots of finger-friendly cut up veggies. I also put in a couple bags of dark chocolate - but I just can't deny my sweet tooth and I figured better one small piece of Dove dark chocolate than a couple handfuls of crummy chocolate chips. :) So, on to this week's challenge:

Week 3: Make Exercize Simple

The magazine article encourages everyone to clip on a pedometer and get outside. Well, it's winter and not everyone has a pedometer (or, like me, you've lost yours somewhere in the depths of the basement) so I'm going to modify our goal. This week our challenge will be adding extra exercize to every-day activities. Whether that means marching around the living room while you're on the phone, doing squats while you fold laundry or working on your abs while you sit in traffic, we're going to seek out sneaky opportunities to get fit. Feel free to keep up your marathons at the gym if you like, but I'm just focusing on making the most out of the limited time I've got. So that's it - easy peasy - here we go!


  1. I have a hard time "cleaning out the pantry" because I hate wasting food. So there are definitely still plenty of cookies in there, but I'm trying to eat them slowly and not many more.
    I will join you by resolving to sit on my exercise ball at work instead of in my desk chair for the week. I'm going to switch them out right now! :)

  2. yeah, I didn't throw anything away either, it was just mostly gone and I haven't replenished. The article recommended that you donate the food to a food pantry - so other people can eat poorly I guess :p

    Need to get going myself on the working out thing - so far I haven't gotten much done.

  3. i got a pedometer the other day at walmart (kellogg & greenwich) for $2.00 it was in the clearance section for $4.00 and right now all clearance is an additional 50% off. they had $3.00 workout videos too.