Monday, January 23, 2012

12 Week Makeover: Week 2

To recap, Week 1: Keep a Journal, we were challeneged to find a journal or other method of recording the things we ate, the amount we worked out, and the way we felt about our health habits that week. 

So how did you do?  I'll be honest - I didn't get a whole lot of recording done.  But I did make sure to pay closer attention to some of the things I was feeling about working out (or my lack thereof) and the way certain things I ate made me feel.  I'm going to site getting a stomach bug as my excuse for having a really unsuccessful week - but really, I was just lazy.  I'll get better about it this week.  Ready for the next step?

Week 2: Declutter and Make a Plan

This week we have a 2 part challenge:

1) De-clutter your space -  find the places in your house that piles tend to accumulate and figure out how to organize them.  Is your kitchen counter covered in papers?  You could set a pretty basket or letter tray on the counter to catch it all.  Or, better yet, try this fun filing system to get your papers in order now and make them easier to sort in the future.  (Or try this idea, or this one, or this one, or this one).  Give everyone a laundry sorter to get clothes off the floor.  Or put a "donations" basket in each closet to catch outgrown/unwanted items.  Rethink the toy storage, go through the junk drawer - whatever area of your home is doing the most damage to your peace of mind - carve out a few minutes a day and chip away at it until you've got it squared away.  Need some inspiration?  Pinterest is a godsend. 

2) Make a plan.  Remember that journal you supposedly kept all week?  Now is the time to go back through your entries and formulate a plan of attack.  Scout out all the bad habits and come up with ideas for fixing them.  (Ate a ton of chocolate every single day?  Keep it in the freezer.  Didn't work out once?  Make a jogging date with a friend).   You get the idea.  Then look for the stuff that worked, the good habits you want to keep - and make sure you keep doing them.  Keep going for that after-dinner walk.  Keep adding an extra vegetable at dinner.  Keep going to bed 30 minutes earlier.  Whatever makes you feel healthy and happy and good about yourself - focus your energy on that.  Whatever is bringing you down - figure out how to cut it out.

So - that's it :)  Are you ready?  I am!  Of course, I'd be a lot more ready if I didn't see piles that need de-cluttering everywhere I turned my head...babysteps, right!? Thanks for joining me on this journey - and remember - if you follow along and post on your progress every week, you're in the running for a fun fun prize!  Woohoo!

If you want to join us in our little FB group that we created just for tracking our stats and cheering each other on - come join up here

Oh, and here are this week's stats:

Weight: 122
Days I ate junk:6
Days I worked out: 0

Well - that's a little progress I guess.  10 more weeks!!

In other news, I have felt a very strong calling to start working out more.  I've had a lot of health issues (exhaustion, moodiness, sadness, etc etc) that I keep asking my doctors about and they keep on telling me everything is normal.  Well, I feel like the Lord is finally getting through my thick skull telling me that many of my problems will get better if I just get my bum in gear and exercise!  Which is really really hard to do when I'm just so tired because I got so little sleep last night because I was just so restless.  But, in theory, the more I work out, the better I'll sleep, the more rested I'll be, the more I can work out, etc etc etc.  And it's a great mood booster - I know this from the few times I've done it before.  I just have to suck it up and do it!  So, here we go.  I'm hoping that I can squeeze in a nap and some eliptical time today, but if that plan fails I'm totally hauling my hand weights upstairs, turning on the Bob The Builder soundtrack, and busting a move with my toddlers after nap time.  Because, frankly, they could use a little more movement to get the afternoon ants out of their pants, too.  Wish me luck, I'm a slug by nature and a terrible time manager so this will be a big challenge.  But God told me to, so I will.  Right. 

That's all she wrote. 


  1. Great job Cat! I too have been decluttering like crazy. I am a WAHM so it is easy for me to just sit on my butt all day so I have started looking for ways to get up and move. All the dishes are getting put away and I am actually picking up after my daughter at the end of the day. Baby steps take leaps of faith but I know we can do it. Can't wait to hear about your progress next week!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from today's Blog Hop. I LOVE LOVE LOVE decluttering and working out :-) So I think I'm going to like it here!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!