Monday, January 30, 2012

12 Week Makeover Week 3

So how did you do on Week 2: clearing out the clutter?

I did a little reorganizing of my house - I cut down a few clutter spots like the recycle area, the top of the dryer, and I did this overhaul of the foyer.  I spent more time, however, getting together this organizing system for my week.  The long and short of it being that I came up with some simple charting solutions that have made me SO much more efficient with my time and my mental energy.  I cut out a lot of the 'clutter' of trying to keep track of all the things I needed to get done and all the scheduling I had to remember.  It's been wonderful and my house has been noticeably tidier because of it (although, when I asked my husband if he noticed that the house had been a little neater last week he said "no" *sigh*). 

Anyway, that brings us to this week.

Week #3: Practice Positive Thinking

This doesn't just mean "I will get that workout in today" or "I won't eat that cookie."  It also includes consciously refraining from thinking anything negative about yourself.  No more obsessing over fat thighs.  No more beating yourself up for skipping the gym.  If you catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself, turn it around and find the positive.  Instead of thinking "I'm so fat and lazy" think "I have a great personality that people like to be around and I work hard."  The more positive you feel about yourself, the better you'll do at losing weight and getting healthy. 

And if you want to read the real articles about this challenge, don't forget to pick up the All You: Health and Fitness magazine at your local Walmart.  There are tons of other great tips on working out and eating right in that magazine that will not be included in my blog posts. 

So - this week's challenge sounds easy, right? I really hope it is for you!  See my next post for a reason it won't be so easy for me. 

And this week's stats:

Weight: 122 and holding *sigh*
Days I worked out: 2
Days I ate junk: 6

Oh well - I'm working on it.  I did just buy Weeds Season 1 to keep me company while I work out. 

Good luck!


  1. It is difficult to stay positive...keep trying

  2. hope you like weeds.
    i've been doing really bad at working out and eating healthy but my house is much cleaner than it has been in a while.

  3. Keep going! You'll get there and you are so right about the positive thoughts, I think that can apply in every area of our lives. Sending good thoughts your way this week!