Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Fitness Pal

Nope - juice fast didn't happen. Hoping to start tomorrow morning. Though, it's been really chilly the last few mornings so the last thing I want is cold juice. I think I might opt for a couple glasses of juice chased with a steaming cup of green tea. We have TONS of apples and a huge bag of carrots (plus some greens, grapes, etc) so I think we can do it. I just need the motivation.

That said, a friend of mine just invited me to join him on My Fitness Pal. I used to use Sparkpeople with some success, but frankly, it's really hard to fit in the time to record all my food and all my workouts (well, ok, it's not so hard to record my lack of workouts.) But since I know he'll be keeping an eye on me (and vice versa) it's pretty good motivation to just do it already. And I know that tracking is good for me. I'm FAR more likely to actually stick to 2 oz of pasta if I wrote it down already. And I'm FAR more likely to put in at least 20 min on the elliptical if I calculated for the calories already (although, the program probably expects more than the casual stride I take on the machine - but hey, I've got a sinus infection, at least it's something!).

SO that being said, would anyone else like to join me on My Fitness Pal? No, it won't tell me how much you weigh or even what you're eating - but it will tell me if you're working out and meeting your calorie goals. And you can keep track of me, too! The more people tracking me, the better because goodness knows I sure need a lot of accountability to put down the chocolate and lace up my sneakers. I've still got 10-15 lbs to lose -won't you join me on the journey?

If you'd like an invite, send me your email and I'll shoot it on over! Let's get fit, y'all!


  1. I'm curious, does it cost anything? I still need to get down 20lbs. and hoping to at least lose 10lbs before Thanksgiving :)

  2. There is not a charge for myfitnesspal.com and Cat I'm already on there is you want to look me up screen name is sblanpied