Monday, March 14, 2011

New Shoes/ Pacing

I think I was a sprinter in a past life. When I head out the door for a run, all I want to do is take off as fast as I possibly can. Too bad I can't keep that up for long. In my previous post I mentioned my struggle with pace and its leading to a very short first run. Well, this weekend I tried for run #2 and ran almost a whole mile straight! Doesn't sound like much, but for me, it's major progress. I ran 9/10 of mile #1 and then walked 9/10 of mile # 2 meaning I got in a whole mile run (and a whole mile walk) which is pretty decent after not working out for 4 years. The key was, apparently, to jog slower than I can walk. But I kept going and only had to walk that tiny stretch. I also set short distance goals for myself (I just have to make it to that house over there - ok, now I'm going to go to that tree...etc).

Also in my corner was the fact that I finally finally got new sneakers. Why oh why have I not done this sooner!? I had no idea what a difference having real, proper running shoes could make. I've been living in my same cheapo sneakers for the last 5 years and they were seriously falling apart. No wonder my feet were dying by the end of every workout. I finally got it together and went to First Gear (where all my exercize savy friends go) and was so impressed! As soon as I walked in the door they told me to remove my shoes and walk to the back of the room. They then not only told me I'd been wearing the wrong size all this time (so that's why my toes are always bruised) but proceeded to bring out several of the comfiest pairs of shoes I've ever put on. They were light and cushy and breatheable and had some real arch supports in them (take that Dr. Scholl's). I even noticed immediately that the shoes corrected all the problems with my gait that were putting so much stress on my ankle, knee and hip. Hooray! I am so excited about some (relatively) pain free workouts. I wound up with a fanstastic (albeit $$) pair of Brooks sneakers - goodbye Sketchers, hello comfy!

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  1. An entire mile, thats impressive girl. I can't even run for 1/2 a mile. Go Cat!