Monday, March 21, 2011

11 Week Challenge: Week 10

Week 10: Avoid Sneaky Pitfalls

Well, we're almost done. How have you been doing? Lost any weight? Sadly, I've only managed to lose about 3 lbs. On the otherhand, these sneaky pitfalls are what keep getting me down. This week we are working on avoiding negative thinking, and getting in our exercise even when we don't feel like it.

There isn't much to expound upon here - the only tips the article mentions are keeping on hand a list of 10 things you love about yourself that you can reference when you're having a 'fat day' and forcing yourself to work out for just 5 minutes even when you don't want to (often that 5 minutes will turn into a whole workout session).

The biggest goal for this week is simply to keep up the good work. Lets look back over the last 9 weeks' challenges and get re-focused. And don't forget to have fun whenever you can!

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  1. Well... I never did post last week... kept meaning to and never did. It's hard, because I usually read blogs on my smartphone, but posting on them from there is a pain!
    We're on vacation this week. Talk about a possibility for pitfalls. I'm trying to avoid them by not letting much into the house and walking a lot, but we'll see. We're headed to either Disney or Epcot as soon as I shower so I'll think of this challenge as my accountability when I'm tempted to munch on french fries!!! xo