Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I say that I want to lose weight

then what do I do? Bake cupcakes. That's right, at this very moment I have a batch of Red Velvet cupcakes going. Well, actually, half a batch - at least I managed to limit how much I'm making. I don't even know what triggered my craving for cupcakes, but as soon as I realized I'd have some leftover cream cheese (from the awful, fatty, calorie-laden 3-cheese quesadillas I'm making for dinner *sigh*) and could therefore make cream cheese frosting, I decided that my 3 year old and I just had to make cupcakes during naptime. Ugh. I was pretty good about calories yesterday and I forced myself to go to turbokick even though I felt awful - but today I not only had cheese and butter filled multi-grain hot cereal, but I had cheese with my soup and veggies at lunch (at least I skipped the ranch dip), and I'm having those quesadillas for dinner (at least I'm also serving spinach salad) - and now cupcakes! I'm insane. And I just caught myself gazing longingly at the super-skinny picture of myself I posted on the fridge for motivation - yeah, guess that's not so much working. Oh well, damage done, but I can try to minimize it. Eat very few cupcakes, send the rest to work tomorrow, maybe squeeze in a run. We'll see. Got to remember I've got $ riding on the Biggest Loser too - now I really have to be motivated lol. I guess I just needed to rant about my stupidity. Remember, girl, cupcakes do NOT = quality time!

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  1. where is my week 11 post? ;)
    you are doing great - don't beat yourself up over little things. try to figure out how to make "bad" things in smaller quantities, or freeze half of them so you can pull them out later. and make a big old pot of veggie soup and fill up on it at lunch and you really will be able to avoid some of the snacks - i swear. xoxoxo