Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biggest Loser

Well, today I had my first weigh-in for our play-group's Biggest Loser competition. I seriously doubt I'll win given that I've been stuck at the same weight for ages, but I thought that if a (very small) sum of money was at stake, I might find more motivation to try. We're allowed to use any method except diet pills - so I guess I'll keep up the calorie counting (which I've been bad about the last few days) and working out and see what happens. They're judging by percentage lost, so I guess everyone's got a shot. We're going for 10 weeks weighing in every 2 weeks to make sure no one is "cheating" or losing too much too fast (this is supposed to be a healthy competition). Wish me luck! I'm really gonna need it. Maybe I'll finally get my chubby tush out for a run tonight....

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