Monday, March 14, 2011

11 Week Challenge: Week 9

Did you remember to measure your portions last week? I did and I didn't - but I'm getting better about it. And speaking of spotty performance, here is this week's challenge.

Week 9: Stay Positive

We all have bad days (or weeks), but the key to not blowing things entirely is to stay positive. If you have a slip up, learn from it and move on! Some ways the article recommends keeping a positive attitude include giving yourself a break (take a hot bath, getting a facial, seeing a movie), buddying up (getting freiends and family to cheer you on or help you out), and practicing optimism (it will get easier, you will do better).

So even if you eat three portions of dinner, make a cake (and eat it all) or just skip the gym for a night - it's ok. Try again the next day and don't get discouraged! This is a little easier said than done for me given that we're on week 9 and I have only lost 3 lbs (maybe) but I can only get better (and thinner) from here :)

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