Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Time for the weekly weigh in and progress report.

Current weight:Somewhere between 128-130. I need a new scale. Either way, I'm not losing.
Triumph of the week: Went to Turbokick and loved it. Hoping to keep going. Been a lot more energized - I think the gorgeous weather helped.
Pitfall of the week: Sweets - baked cookies for valentines, ate entire box of valentines candy, ate some more chocolate from the pantry. Had ice cream one night. Ugh. I need to keep more snacking veggies around the house - if they're there, I'll eat those first. If not, I head right to the chocolate. And no more baking for a long while. Yeah.
Goal for next week: No more sweets (or very few) and make myself sit to eat breakfast even if I'm only eating a hardboiled egg.

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