Saturday, February 5, 2011

Detox anyone?

As I mentioned yesterday, our family will be starting Detox Week on Monday. I've been having a dismal time losing any weight so far, and I have zero energy lately on top of feeling generally 'off' most of the time. So, inspired by this fantastic blog, I decided it was time for our whole family to detox. I'll be modifying this some for the kids who would go totally ape on me if they couldn't have some milk and cheese every day, but here's the idea.

For one week we will eat 3 meals a day without dairy, sugar, gluten (or processed grains of any kind), meat, or (gasp) chocolate (which I suppose goes along with sugar). Unless I totally forget, I'm also cutting out corn (which used to be a food intolerance of mine). This should allow our systems to rest a bit and clear out some of the toxins that have been storing up in our bodies over time. That is, if I don't completely lose my mind in the process.

Part of detoxing is getting over cravings (usually for foods that our bodies don't handle well to begin with) - but in the process, cravings usually get stronger for a day or two. So I can eat all the veggies and millet and tofu I want and still feel totally starved. Until I hit the half way mark at which point things start to get easier and I start to feel amazing - I always feel thinner and more energetic and I even feel like my brain thinks clearer. Considering how much better I feel after a detox, it's strange that I continue to eat my carb/dairy/sugar laden diet all the time.

This time, though, the goal is to get through detox week, then make a conscious effort to eat more vegan/clean every week. Sugar and dairy and meat should be treats, not a way of life. My menu next week includes such things as hot qunioa flakes with applesauce and raisins, hummus with veggies, tofu pepper steak,chick pea stew over millet, cashew loaf and roasted winter veggies, black bean soup and lots and lots of fruit. I'm actually pretty exited about it, although I know it'll be rough in the beginning. So wish me luck! (And feel free to join me if you like!)

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  1. Awesome! I obviously know something about challenging this is, but your menu sounds super yummy!