Monday, February 7, 2011

11 Week Challenge: Week 4

How did you do with week 3? Did you manage to fit in more exercize? I'm going to confess, I didn't do great. I did try out a couple workout videos online (and hated them) and did a little dancing around with the kids, but frankly I've been so exhausted that it's taken all my energy just to get us all dressed and fed and get the groceries and laundry done etc. But, I'll try again this week :) Now on to-

Week 4: Sit and Savor Meals

This week we are going to work on mindful eating. If you've been following me all along, you'll know that's something I struggle with. Here are the steps to mindful eating recommended by the article:
1) Turn off the tv (or in my case, put away the magazine).
2) Sit down. Sit in a chair at a table, even for snacks.
3) Put on some music. Soothing music is relaxing.
4) Chew everything at least 10 times. More is even better. You'll eat slower and your stomach doesn't have to work as hard.
5) Focus on the flavor. Notice how each bite of food tastes and feels in your mouth.
6) Listen to your belly. When your stomach says it's full, put the fork down. Don't wait until you're stuffed.

Whew, ok, that's a lot to work on. Even when I'm not reading I'm usually so busy talking to my family or hopping up and down getting people food/forks/toy trucks that I don't pay one bit of attention to what or how much I'm eating. I wolf things down as fast as I can so I can be ready to wipe little faces and hands and get kids to the bath. All of a sudden I'm stuffed and uncomfortable and not losing any weight at all. So my biggest goal will be - put the fork down when I'm distracted and only pick it back up when I'm ready to notice what I'm eating. Which means I'll be eating a LOT slower and probably a lot less. But that's a good thing :) Especially since it's detox week and I'm trying out lots of new (vegan) recipes - I really ought to be taking the time to taste them and see if they're worth making again. Best of luck to you all!!

p.s. is anyone still with me on this? At all?

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  1. I'm still with you! Last week, I forgot to change from chair to exercise ball at work till Friday - oops! - but I did it then.

    I can do this week - I pledge not to eat at my desk or on my couch for the rest of the week. (Because that's where I usually eat.)