Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Time for the weekly weigh in and progress report.

Current weight: my (very inconsistent) scale had me somewhere between 127 - 132. Progress, I guess.
Triumph of the week: Saturday yoga, lots of fruits and veggies - did better at balancing my meals.
Pitfall of the week: Baking. I made peach/mango cobbler cake on Wednesday because I'd been stuck in the snow and wanted something warm (and a hot, healthy casserole wasn't enough apparently). Then Henry begged for biscuits on Thursday so of course I gave in and made cheddar bay biscuits. And ate half of them. Booo. Oh, and I didn't meet my workout goal from last week.
Goal for next week: Next week is detox week (more on that later) so my goal is to get through the week without cheating on the diet. I need to clean out and jumpstart my system but this is gonna be hard! And if I can work out more, that'd be good too :)

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