Monday, February 21, 2011

The Chocolate Challenge

I've become very aware as of late just how addicted to chocolate I am. My body literally begs for it and I do get a mini 'high' from eating it. Probably just the dose of caffeine, but it doesn't seem healthy to me. I've read over and over how the foods we're addicted to are often foods that we're mildly allergic to (or intolerant of). And goodness knows, despite the fact that I crave it hard, eating chocolate does make me feel a little 'poisoned' when I'm done. So - I'm strengthening my resolve and attempting a chocolate fast. The goal is to stay off the stuff for two weeks. If that goes well, we'll try a little longer. It is going to be rough! As I discovered during detox week, I get mean when I don't get chocolate. I might try substituting green tea for my daily caffeine kick (I'm really sensitive to the stuff so it doesn't take much to get me through the day) and see if that helps. And I'm going to find a way to get all the chocolate we currently have out of the house. I'm hoping that this doesn't send me on some other sort of heinous sugar binge (aka cookies cookies cookies) in an attempt to satisfy the candy craving. I may have to go out and buy a lot of fruit for my sweet tooth at first. Either way, I think it needs to be done (we'll see if it has an effect on some other skin/mood/sleep issues I've been having, too). Feel free to leave lots of love, I'm going to need a ton of moral support for this one!

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