Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm a cheater

Here's the rundown on detox week thus far. I'm three days in and not doing super hot. I've cheated here and there - sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. For instance, Monday I'd totally forgotten that the cashew loaf I'd planned for dinner required quite a bit of butter (not allowed) and several slices of bread (also banned) - though I did substitute rice cakes for 2/3 of the bread and it still tasted just fine. Yesterday went smoothly, though we had tofu pepper steak for dinner and that's one of my favorite things ever. Yumm. But today, not only did I put about a tsp of butter on my giant pile of mixed veggies, but by late afternoon I was so tired and so stressed out by two super whiny little boys that I truly felt like my head would explode if I didn't have some chocolate. I was really on the verge of turning into super-screamy-mommy monster - I figured it was ok to compromise my diet just a wee bit for the sake of not being horrible to my children. So I had two small bites of organic 74% dark chocolate - not too shabby considering all the other forms of chocolate in my pantry (aka the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds that we're using as potty training treats for the boys - the ones that have been calling my name all week). On the other hand, I do feel a lot more energetic and have been eating a TON of raw (and some cooked) veggies. And I discovered that millet makes a fantastic substitute for cous cous. So some successes and a few missteps - tomorrow is another day and another try (and I bought another can of black bean soup - loooove that stuff). Just trying to make it to Sunday - might get tricky since I didn't menu plan for the weekend. But we shall see -either way I feel a lot better already (and now I know just how addicted to chocolate I really am *sigh*). Wish me luck for days #4-7 :)

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