Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and re-evaluation

Time for the weekly weigh in and progress report.

Current weight: Around 128.5 Still stuck
Triumph of the week: More turbokick and I've been working on throwing in exercise where I can (even did the 'silly mom working out at the playground' thing)
Pitfall of the week: More sweets. Yeah, I baked gingerbread just because we had whipping cream to use up. In hindsight, should have used it for something like pumpkin soup with some redeeming value in it. Also, fell off the no-chocolate bandwagon Monday, wednesday and thursday. Starting over today. I need to get the stuff out of the house because stress makes me crave it soooo bad.
Goal for next week: Keep up the working out, give up the chocolate.

And on a side note, life is getting in the way. I'm a total mess (and not even a hot one :p) emotionally right now and it's not helping me with the whole weight loss issue. On the up-side, I'm not food-restricting to cope - but the whole weight thing is just adding to the other stress I'm putting myself through. Things should resolve some as life gets back to normal (aka rejoining the rest of the world at playgroup and church, getting more God time, etc) and as I get more sleep (everyone here is/has been sick for over a week) - but in the meantime I've made a pact with myself to cut myself some slack. The baby is only 3 months old. The only reason I lost weight fast with my first two is because I never made time to eat and wasn't taking care of myself. As they say "it takes 9 months to put the weight on (or in this case 3 years) so we can't expect it to come right off." So my goal is just going to be do the best I can and not worry about what I weigh or how fat I 'feel.' The people who love me don't care if my tummy is a little poochy or I can barely squeeze into my jeans. I need to take care of my emotional health before I worry about 'getting skinny' - because if I don't I'm going to lose perspective and my goal will change from 'slimmer and toned' to 'skinny' to 'too skinny' and that can't happen. Not to mention that if I focus on hating how I look it'll morph into hating myself and that won't help me get better either. And this coming week is going to be extra-stressful just off the bat so I'm forgiving myself for planning a couple nights of frozen pizza and mac'n'cheese (with plenty of veggies on the side of course). Anyway, sorry for the rant - just thought I'd put out there where I am now and possibly why I'm not losing a pound and how I'm dealing with it at the moment :) So - how are things going for you?


  1. Hey Cat! I am working on losing weight, too, doing WW. Just figured I would send on a few suggestions. For chocolate cravings, WW recommends Chocolate Tea and Nestle's Crunch Stixx (only 2 points per stixx). I like 90 cal chocolate chip Chewy Granola bars. And homemade cookies are better than store-bought. You could bake some, make a plastic bag for you and each of your kids, and send the rest to work with Richard. I use Justin's coworkers as my crutch to keep me from eating lots of cookies! Good Luck!

  2. What I love most about this post is the fact that you are realizing the importance of first loving yourself where you are at the moment, understanding that your emotional health is primary, and that it is important to be gentle with yourself as you approach your goals in other areas. Good for you!