Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do It For The Kids

Everyone's heard the cliche 'actions speak louder than words.' Well this week that adage has really been brought home to me. During these first couple days of detox I think my kids have eaten more fruits and veggies than they've eaten this entire year so far. And they love them. It's partly because we don't really have anything else in the house (can't give them cookies if I have none). But it's mostly because they see Mommy and Daddy eating them - and enjoying them! If I'm having a cookie for a snack, the kids also want a cookie. But apparently if I'm downing a big bowl of mixed veggies, they'll beg for those too! Henry also finished off an entire plate of veggies and begged for more the other day - the secret? Hummus! He loves hummus and could not wait to get more carrots to dip. They were begging for frozen-fruit-through-the-juicer 'ice cream' last night and nearly got in a fight over their grapes at snack time today. Woah. That's some kind of accountability there. I can give in and have a cookie - but my kids will suffer too. They're watching me.

On a similar note I've been thinking a lot about my kids and body image. As in, when my daughter is a little older, she's going to start to notice when Mommy calls herself a 'fat cow' - and how will that influence how she feels about herself or how she prioritizes weight and health? Better to keep those thoughts to myself (or banish them forever) and instead talk about how good it feels to work out or how healthy I feel when I eat well. I can take the kids to yoga class or run with them in the back yard - any time I'm feeling down on myself I can use that as impetus to teach my kids a new healthy habit.

All this time I've been complaining that I have no accountability for my new weight-loss and healthy-lifestyle makeover - but I spend all day with the greatest accountability I can ask for. After all, as another adage goes, the kids will 'do as I do, not as I say.'

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  1. These are all excellent points--esp. in terms of how your kids hear your words/ see your actions, and you are an excellent mommy for realizing how your words and actions could affect them. Forcing yourself to stop those words from leaving your mouth will start to reprogram your own thinking as well. I'm so proud of you!