Sunday, February 27, 2011

11 Week Challenge: Week 7

Hope that your week went well. I did find that having eggs and cut veggies on hand (and lots and lots of grapes) helped me stay out of the chocolate some (although I'm still not doing great at that challenge). This week is all about motivation!

Week 7: Strengthen Your Resolve

The goal this week involves making yourself some motivational notecards. The article says to write a motivational phrase on a card and stash it where you'll see it often. Frankly, cheesy mantras don't do a lot for me. I'm a very visual person. So my goal for the week is to post some visual motivation. A picture of 'thin me' on the fridge, the pair of jeans I miss wearing on the top of the pants pile - little things like that. Whatever will get you to behave when you're tempted to splurge (or lounge) is perfect for this week's challenge. So have fun, be creative and stick to it! :)

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  1. Sorry I'm so late posting!
    Hm. Motivation. Well, your blog keeps me motivated weekly. I'm not a mantra person either. I think my current motivation may be that I got some new pants at a swap that actually fit, and they'll be tight enough that I'll remember all day that I don't have room in them for a bunch of extra bites of poundcake from the counter at work!!! :)