Friday, May 2, 2014

Setting New Goals

I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that I am no longer trying to lose weight.  My measurements and weight have been stable for a while now, and I no longer (usually) look at my calories as a means to losing weight, but rather as a means to gaining muscle.

I've found myself rather at a loss, however, because I'm so accustomed to being in weight-loss mode. First I had an eating disorder, which was, of course, all about weight loss.  Then I was post-partum and trying to drop the baby weight.  So now that my primary fitness goal is not "get skinny" I'm struggling to patch together what my goals should be.

I know that I want to gain strength and muscle.  I know that I want to get faster and run longer.  Now it's time to formulate a plan as to how I'm going to accomplish those goals.  I'm currently working on putting together a lifting program that can somehow accommodate my random equipment access - one day a week with a bar and rack, 3 days a week with dumbbells.  Since increasing weight can't be my primary goal when I'm at home with 20 lb dumbbells, I need to figure out how I will mark progress there.  At the gym, at the moment, I'm still shooting to boost my Wilks score (133) and my gym partner is hoping to work up a copy of her program (I'm not sure yet what she's following) set to my current capabilities so I can follow along with her.  But my at home routine is a little random - sometimes Strong Curves (sorta - I keep messing with it to make it challenging enough) and sometimes whatever video I pull up.

Let's take a look at last month's goals:

1) Add cardio
This is an extremely recent addition.  My middle child has suddenly taken a great interest in doing everything Mommy does - he wants to cook with me, clean with me - and he's starting to love doing yoga, lifts and finally Zumba with Mommy!  So a couple days a week we pull up a Zumba for beginners on youtube and have fun looking ridiculous as we're trying to figure out the routines.  I'm terrible at it, but oh my is it a good workout for my heart (and my abs!)

2) Keep scaling back the sugar and carbs
Nope.  Not happening.  I'm trying - but there's Easter candy, and I keep making desserts (in quantities that last for days) and and and...

3) Eat more protein
Doing much better!!  I have almost met my goals several times now and the way I was able to perform at the gym that week was amazing!  I think I'm finally motivated enough to try to work it in more frequently.  Yum hamburger and eggs.  

4) Be more intentional
I'm doing better.  I'm sticking closer to my meal plans for the most part, and planning treats into my day so that I don't get tempted to splurge.  I've planned which days I'll lift and which are for Zumba/cardio.  So far so good.  

So - Goals for this week:

1) Keep up the protein
 Make sure I get plenty of it all three meals.  And that the kids eat it, too.  We're having some blood sugar tantrum issues in our house lately which is a solid reminder that I need to be more vigilant about what we ALL eat.

2) Plan treats and stick to the plan
Keep them small, daily and don't let them become a binge.

3) Get my lifting goals sorted out
Formulate a program that transitions from home to gym and back again and/or plot my disparate goals for each location.

Oh, and current stats:

Weight: 108 (-2)
Hips: 34.5 
Waist: 27.5 
Bust: 32.5 
Arms: 11 
Legs: 18

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