Thursday, June 5, 2014

Balance and Moderation

I think I'm starting to get the hang of the maintenance mode.  I'm not tracking calories super closely and I haven't been working out quite as hard but I haven't changed weight at all.  Measurements are about the same (change in hips is likely either my shorts or my squats).  All in all I feel pretty good about where I am.  Sure, I'd love to shed some bodyfat, but I feel like I have finally reached a healthy relationship with working out and eating which is HUGE for me.

I've also started sticking closer to a paleo diet.  Through experimentation I've found that I just feel better - healthier and more streamlined inside - when I don't eat grains.  I even made paleo cake twice in one week and didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable.  But the moment I ate a gluten-free (rice flour) brownie, I felt sick.  So I'm blaming processed grains and not sugar for my recent stomach issues.  I'm still learning - I made a total failure of a paleo 'cheese'cake the other day and I caved and used rice flour in my pie crust today because I haven't perfected an alternative yet - but I'm finding swaps for most of my favorite foods and learning some new naturally-grain-free recipes as well.

Here's my update on last month's goals:

1) Keep up the protein
 I'm doing better.  I still struggle a LOT with lunch.  I really suck at lunch.  I have zero ideas for non-dairy, grain-free lunches that don't cost a ton in both time and money.  I'm on a rotating list of tuna/egg salad, turkey rollups, baked beans and leftovers.  When I get tired of what I planned I either don't eat, or just pop some veggies.  But I'm learning to eat more protein at breakfast and dinner so my totals are higher at least, but I have GOT to come up with a better plan for lunch.

2) Plan treats and stick to the plan
I've learned that I can't keep chocolate bars or baking mixes in the house or I'll go nuts. Dark chocolate baking chunks and paleo baking is totally safe because I can stop after a couple of bites.  I may not win every week, but at least I'm learning my triggers. 

3) Get my lifting goals sorted out
I've got a plan, even if I don't execute it well.  Made myself a google spreadsheet breaking up my weeks into lifting days and cardio days.  Monday I do half of my dumbbell routine, tuesday and thursday are cardio (zumba, swimming, elliptical, whatever), Wednesday is my gym day for the big lifts, and Friday is the other half of the dumbbell routine.  And every night is bedtime yoga or working on a yoga progression.  That said, I haven't completed a week yet.  I honestly feel like I've been emphasizing working out too much, and it was leaving me exhausted, burnt out and feeling like I wasn't getting enough quality time with my kids.  

So I've left it at this.  I will eat well MOST of the time.  I will work out when I'm feeling energized and won't be neglecting any other important task/person.  But at least with a schedule put together I never have to ask myself  "I feel like training today - what should I do?"

Balance is so important, and scaling back my fervor hasn't hurt my waistline at all.  I feel so good about where I am right now - I'm very very grateful for that.

And, I had no complaints from hubby when I broke out the bikini last week - so I guess whatever I'm doing is working :)

Oh, and current stats:

Weight: 108
Hips: 35 (+.5)
Waist: 27.5 
Bust: 32.5 
Arms: 11 
Legs: 18

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