Saturday, February 11, 2012

Put Down That Fork and Go For A Run

This was me about 5 years ago.  That's not so long ago.  I think I'm around 105 lbs in this picture.  I can't even squeeze into this dress anymore, let alone look good in it. 

What do I do differently now than I did then? 

1) bake all the time
2) eat a candy bar pretty much every day
3) eat 3 HUGE meals a day
4) not work out one minute of the day

Before kids, I'd eat a cup of yogurt for breakfast (if anything at all), a salad for lunch, and a small dinner.  If it were a really special occasion, I'd have a cookie or a piece of cake.  I didn't care much about food.  I'd take long walks in the afternoon, put on some upbeat music and strength train.  I'd go to the gym, or dance - just move!

I tend to blame my kids for my current weight.  When do I find the time to work out when I have them home all day?  I can't let that food go to waste, so I'll just clean their plates.  They love cookies, so let's bake!

No one is forcing me to buy another candy bar.  No one is forcing me to blog/nap/craft during nap time when I've scheduled my workout.  No one is forcing me to watch tv instead of tracking my calories.  No one hid my lettuce and replaced it with mac'n'cheese.  It's my own lack of willpower that's keeping me fat.  It's my own laziness and gluttony.  Some day I'm going to have to stop blaming others and just do it!

I'm armed with a printer and a stack of 5-year-old photos.  I will post them around the house as a reminder of who I want to be.  And by summer, I will be able to wear that dress again (maybe not quite that well, but it will fit).

This is my new resolution.  Here we go.


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