Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What is Wrong With Me Lately?

Ok, here's my rant from facebook - it's more appropriate here I think:

I have NO idea what is in style or even looks good on me anymore. Some days I miss maternity clothes lol everything looks cute with a baby bump.
I am in serious need of a makeover. I hate absolutely everything about the way I look. I know it shouldn't matter, but for some reason it does.
I'd love to redo my wardrobe - everything I own is either ancient from college or a hand me down (which are stylish but not my color/size most of the time). But, I can't bare to spend any money on new clothes, it just seems silly when... my closet is overflowing. I really just need someone to help me put together some outfits that look good, then purge the rest of it. I also just need to grow out my hair again - I always forget how curly and awful it gets when it's short. Oh well. I recognize that what I look like really isn't important in the long run, but somehow when I don't look good I just feel 'off' somehow.

This is following a day where I just feel frumpy and ugly. It's probably just a result of wearing unflattering jeans and needing to get my haircut refreshed (angles look stupid when they get too long to tuck cutely behind the ears). But I'm also frustrated that I want new clothes that fit the body I have now but I'm too cheap (and ok my husband would kill me) to buy new clothes. And we ate really decadently this weekend (I had a huge Red Robin burger on Friday night, then we had company on Saturday night so I made lasagna and garlic bread and pie) so I'm feeling huge and swollen and uncomfortable and like an enormous blob, even though when I weighed in (with a full stomach and all my clothes on) this morning I was only 123.5. So I haven't really gained anything.

It's probably partly due to it being "that time" when I'm usually feeling gross and depressed anyway. But I've also found myself in all seriousness wishing I had the courage to make myself throw up. I can't seem to make myself starve anymore, so that sick part of my brain is looking for other options. I could never do it - the actual thought makes me shudder - but the fact that there's part of me that really wishes I could and thinks I'm weak because I can't just shows that I am seriously screwed up. And probably in need to some serious Bible time. It doesn't help that my husband (who can barely keep his pants up he's so skinny) complains all the time about being fat. I know he doesn't mean anything by it, but it makes me feel AWFUL! I keep thinking "wow, if you think you're fat, you must think I'm a disgusting hippo." Which of course he doesn't. He tells me I'm pretty sometimes - but I don't believe him. And sometimes I get the feeling that it grosses him out to see me eat. Which is ridiculous and all in my head -but I guess I needed to say it out loud to realize just how stupid it is.

Anyway, that's my struggle lately. That and wanting to bawl because I so desperately want to go for a run (or even do sit ups) during the day when I have energy but I can't because one baby is napping so I can't take them for a walk or if I lie down to do ab stuff I get two toddler sitting on my middle (and I'm just not buff enough yet to do my workout with all that extra weight). So when my workout is thwarted and I'm still eating like a cow my brain looks for any other option for not getting hideous and obese.

Bleh, ok, whine groan complain. I know that all that matters is that I'm kind to my husband and my kids and that I run my house well. But sometimes when I hate myself it gets me really down and then it's hard to be the woman I know I'm supposed to be. Maybe I need to copy out the Wife of Noble Character Proverb and post it somewhere. It doesn't say anywhere on there that she's gorgeous. In fact, the only beautiful women in the Bible (except Esther maybe?) are the 'stumbling blocks' for men - not good. It does say that she works hard and builds esteem for her family. So I know my goal - now I just need to rearrange my head and carry it out. Whew.

If you chat with me in person - give me a poke now and then and remind me what I'm really supposed to be working toward. Noble character and a healthy body. Yeah.

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  1. I've always followed the theory that to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. Easy enough concept, hard to put in practice in real life. I will share a tip on eating out, I often only eat half of the meal. Usually then, I don't feel as guilty or stuffed :) Also remember, often when you deprive yourself, you will gain more weight because the body will go into survival mode and store all the fat it can find. Indulging now and then is ok, IMHO!! Hope we both get to feeling "up" soon! As far as clothing goes, I was feeling the same after I had Catie and now with weightloss, none of my old clothes fit. I feel like an entirely new person and a new wardrobe to go with it. You could try selling some of the clothing in consignment shops or on Craigslist. Good luck! I completely understand on the money end how you feel, that is one of the reasons I decided to start selling hair clips ;)