Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've learned a lot this week about food and how it makes you feel. Hubby has been in Mexico all week, I have been really stressed (as happens when I'm alone all day with the kids), and the weather has been dreary. Not to mention I received a mountain of Easter candy last week. And I cherish my hot cocoa and mini-marshmallow snacks with my son. Stress = constantly eating the overabundant candy (I finally put it in the freezer) and daddy gone = cashing in a bunch of giftcards to restaurants so I don't have to cook (and so we could stay on budget). Which meant I've been loading my body up with chocolate and nachos and cheesy dip and mousse (and a salad and french onion soup and TONS of veggies at lunch, but still...) and I feel awful! I didn't realize how healthily we usually eat until I've eaten terribly all week. My stomach hurts and I feel bloated and disgusting. Not to mention I've been too tired to work out (though I got in 20 minutes tonight). I'm fairly sure I've gained back every last ounce I lost (and then some) and really can't believe some people eat like that all the time! So - I've given myself permission to eat whatever I want until Sunday night (I've got Mom's Night Out full of snacks on Sat. night) and then for the next three weeks we're on modified detox at our house. Hubby challenged me to 2 weeks of eating nothing but fruits and veggies - rewarding our success at the end with all the candy and/or cakes we can eat in an hour. Sounded like fun but I've modified it to 3 weeks of fruits, veggies, whole grains plus some peanutbutter or nuts and an egg each day (just so I don't miss out on protein) and beans. That should clean out my system and get me back in shape. And, it should help me finally lose some weight for the last 3 weeks of my biggest loser competition. I have no hope of winning, but I'd like not to come in dead last (fatter than I started!!) And I'm hoping to start going back to turbokick at least once if not twice a week and I'd really love to head back to Saturday yoga - but it's just so hard to fit all that in when we have so little time together in the evenings in the first place. I at least need to start burning some serious calories on the elliptical at night. One way or another I need to get this heart pumping.

Soooo, I guess that's the rundown for now - wish me luck, I've got to get out of this funk. Cannot wait till it's watermelon season - I could live on that stuff :)

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