Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Couple Quick Goals

It's late so this will be quick. Couple new goals.

1) I really really need to work on getting up at 6 so I can go run/walk/work out in some manner while hubby is getting ready (so someone is with the sleeping kiddos) then get showered before they wake. I think I'll feel a lot better if I get my day started well before the wee ones are up, even if it means waking WAY too early. And then I can't have the "I'm too tired to work out/ don't want to be up all night" excuse like I do at night.

2) Seeing friends in Miami this December. Will probably involve donning a swimsuit at some point. Don't mind being chubby around family - but friends are another story. Top that with the fact that I usually gain 10 lbs each winter and it's a recipe for disaster. So, the goal is - get down to my ideal weight and add a little muscle by December. If I'm around 123 now, that means losing 13 lbs in 5 months - just under 3 lbs a month. Can do!

So here I go! Wish me luck. And if you have any good ab/arm/butt strengthening moves you want to share - please do :)

1 comment:

  1. i can't even get up at 6am to go to work! good luck! i have been trying to loose 5 pounds... and as an already thin girl that can be challenging... any secrets? ps you look fantastic!