Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Down Side

Ok, so I said I love how I feel when I'm on this healthy diet. And, in general, I do. But there can be too much of a good thing. There's a reason I gave up vegetarianism after 10 years. I was terrible at it. I ate pasta and bread and never got enough protein. When my husband and I first started going to the gym together regularly, I had good days where I could power through for an hour and burn 600+ calories - and then some days after 20 minutes I'd nearly black out or throw up or be dizzy for a half hour afterward. When I consulted my doctor she ran some blood tests and told me I was way low on protein - apparently my blood sugar was hitting the floor right after I'd eaten.

Well, last night when we went for our walk I got 2 miles in at a pretty good pace, then suddenly started feeling woozy, then nearly blacked out. Again. It happened a couple days earlier as well. And has been happening off and on since we started our diet. My conclusion is that I'm once again not getting enough protein and/or carbs to sustain an even blood-sugar level. Oops. We've only got one week of the diet left and even though we're going to attempt to keep going with a healthier eating routine when we're finished, I am definitely adding back in meats and dairy in moderation to help me stay balanced. I'm just not cut out to be a vegan (even though I was eating eggs) or even a vegetarian, although I do tend to eat a vegetarian diet 90% of the week. We'll keep cutting back on sugar and refined grains, and I'll use dairy and meat sparingly, but apparently I just can't live on fruits and veggies and rice alone. (And peanut butter - I've been eating a ton of peanut butter, which probably isn't super healthy or conducive to weight-loss).

Ah well. You live, you learn. I'm going to try to work in more protein this last week and after that, well, I'm really looking forward to getting my cheese back. :D

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